On this page, you will find the information for the goings on in my specific classes. If your child has another fifth grade teacher for a particular subject, please see that teacher’s wiki page for information.

*We have been working on all things fractions including multiplying, adding, and subtracting.
*We will turn ourselves to dividing fractions next.
*Our test for Unit 8 will be on Monday, March 11th.

*This week we started a classroom read aloud entitled, "The Van Gogh Cafe." We will be using this as our mentor text as we continue to dig into all the elements of fantasy.
*The students have also began working on a second fantasy novel. We will be working to complete these within the next two weeks.
*Students continue to do work on Edmodo on a daily basis. Please ask your student to show them this great tool we use to communicate about our books.
*The boys are busy writing fantasy stories in class.
*We are working on breaking up the elements of the story to enrich our understanding of story structure.
*We are also working on different writing traits. We will be changing vague verbs and weak adjectives in our writing this week.

Word Work:
A couple of general things I am noticing on homework to look for with your child before they turn it in:
1. Words in sentences not underlined
2. An attempt to break words into syllables when they all have one syllable
3. Breaking into base words and not writing down the correct base word.

*Students had to build vehicles to start our motion and design unit
*This week we will begin exploring what different variables do to the force of our vehicles
Progress Reports/Homework:
Progress reports are came home Friday. The 5th grade teachers send home weekly or bi-weekly reports consisting of all the subjects they have your student for. We believe the success of your child depends on a partnership and frequent communication. These reports will keep you up to date on the progress your child is making. Please go over the report celebrating successes while pointing out areas needing more attention. Please sign and return the report or send me an e-mail letting me know you got it by the following Monday. Expect these reports unless you receive a message to the contrary.

Regardless of subject area and teacher, the grading scale for 5th grade is as follows:A 100-93 A- 92-90 B+ 89-87 B 86-83 B- 82-80 C+ 79-77 C 76-73 C- 72-70 D 69-60 E 59-0
Teachers may create and weigh categories appropriate for the subject area.

Important Information:

1 March is Reading Month Begins
8 Variety show @ 6:30
20-21 Student Led Conferences

Thanks for all you do,

Mr. Pez